Why Disney?

Disney is truly magical. Why? Because they work really hard to make it that way. The parks are clean, kid friendly with staff that far exceeds expectations. There are things to do for all ages and at any price point. Whether it be the cruise line, a weekend trip to a Walt Disney Resort or Adventures by Disney, their offerings are endless.

Why Us?

As children we traveled to a Disney property at least once year as a family. We have continued this tradition with our own children and are now going on 33 years of Disney experiences. As a person addicted to research and a self proclaimed computer geek, we make a team that can help you navigate the perils of planning any vacation.

Why MWOD Blog?

We work very hard to bring you engaging content on subjects that pertain to all things Disney. If you have questions we will answer them. If you want to share in your excitement of your next trip we are hear to listen. If you disagree with our suggestions we want to hear it. Come along with us on our yearly trips and enjoy the ride.


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