Disney Cruise – Need to Know Secrets


There is a lot of information that you are trying to digest about your upcoming cruise. This post is for those of you that want just the highlights and those of you that could use a recap of all we have talked about so far.

Secrets You Need to Take Advantage Of

  • Character Signatures – two of these are allowed per stateroom. You drop them off when you embark on the cruise at Guest Services. They are then returned to your stateroom at the end of your cruise. You need to provide the items and the permanent markers. We had a matted picture frame signed and a white Christmas ornament.
Our autographed picture frame

Our autographed picture frame

  • A small amount of free Wi-Fi is offered with a promo code on embarkation day. Be sure to check the Personal Navigator to get the code. This is great for Southwest flyers who need to check-in 24 hours in advance.
  • Character Calls are also available for free for each family. On our last cruise we scheduled our free call on Christmas Eve, it was a great surprise on a special evening. On our next cruise our character call will be coming the day before we leave, which happens to be my daughters 7th birthday. It is going to be an amazing surprise!

Secrets That You May Want to Take Advantage Of

There are so many fun things that you can do on the cruise ships and it is hard to know what to take advantage of. I love to get involved in all the fun things arranged by Disney and by others on my cruise. A word of warning though, do not let these types of activities stress you out. Know your limits and do not push it, you do not want to let stress hurt your vacation and time with your family. That being said take a leap, go to the Meets, and hang out with new people. It can be such a great bonus on your vacation to make new friends. Here are some of things you can get involved in before and during your cruise. 

  • Fish Extenders – this activity deserves a post all of it’s own. For brevity, if you sign yourself up to be apart of a Fish Extender group you will exchange small gifts with the others on your list.
  • Door Decorating – All of the stateroom doors are magnetic, which make door decorating very easy. You can buy customized magnets or make your own. It’s a fun way to show your personality and it makes it so much easier to find your room! Tip: please use magnets only and do not use tape or other adhesive. This ruins the doors. 
One of our door magnets

One of our door magnets

  • Other Exchanges: Depending on your cruise there may be other exchanges that are organized by your fellow passengers. For example, an ornament or a trick or treat exchange during the Halloween Cruises.
  • Carry-on Alcohol – The Disney Cruise Line is the only one to my knowledge that allows carry-on alcohol. This is a great budget saving tip if you plan on enjoying a beverage while on board. 
  • Mixology Classes: These classes are held during your day at sea and require a certain number of participants. There is a small additional fee for the class. Many times they are organized on Facebook or the DISboards by the same people organizing the Fish Extender groups.

Click here for more Disney Cruise Line information.


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